Technical Writings of Dr. Martin Rothenberg:

Academic Resumé


B.S. Electrical Engineering, University of Michigan, 1959

M.A. Mathematics, University of Michigan, 1963

Ph.D. Communication Sciences (Speech Communication), University of Michigan, 1966; Thesis: Breath-Stream Dynamics of Simple-Released-Plosive Production

Academic Employment:

Syracuse University, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Assistant Professor, Syracuse University, 1965 - 1973

Associate Professor, Syracuse University, 1973 - 1980

Professor, Syracuse University, 1980 - 1992

Professor Emeritus, Syracuse University, 1992 - present

Other Employment:

Engineer, Operations Analysis, Hughes Aircraft Co., 1959

Engineer, Communications Systems, Bendix Corp., 1960

President, Glottal Enterprises, 1988 - present

CEO, Syracuse Language Systems, 1989 - 1998

Academic Specialization:

Speech Communication

Biomedical Engineering

Educational Technology

Professional Specialization:

The Theoretical and Experimental Study of the Voice Source

Instruments for the Analysis of Vocal Function

Communication Aids for the Communication Handicapped

The Singing Voice

Technology-Assisted Second Language Acquisition


Tau Beta Pi

Eta Kappa Nu

NDEA Title IV Fellow, 1960 - 1964

Fulbright Senior Research Fellow, Sweden, 1980

Fifth Annual Quintana Voice Research Award of Achievement (awarded by The Voice Foundation), 1993

Professional Memberships:

Acoustical Society of America

American Speech and Hearing Association

International Association for Phonetic Sciences

Patents and Inventions:

Developed the “Circumferentially-Vented Pneumotachograph Mask and Inverse Filter System”, commonly referred to as the “Rothenberg Mask System”, now being used at most major voice research laboratories for measuring the functioning of the human voice source without invading the body.

“Voice Parameter Extractor Using Oral Airflow”, U.S. Patent No. 4.862,503, August 20, 1989. (Assigned to Syacuse University)

“Tracking Multielectrode Electroglottograph”, U.S. Patent No. 4,909,261, March 20, 1990. (Assigned to Syracuse University)

“Pneumotachograph Mask or Mouthpiece Coupling Element for Airflow Measurement During Speech or Singing”, U.S. Patent No. 5,454,375, October 3, 1995. (Assigned to Glottal Enterprises)

“Speech Recognition Apparatus and Method for Learning”, U.S. Patent No. 5,717,828, February 10, 1998. (Assigned to Svracuse Language Systems)

“System for Measuring Velar Function During Speech”, U.S. Patent No. 6,850,882, February 1, 2005.

Invited Presentations:

NIH Conference on the Assessment of Vocal Pathology, 1979.

First Vocal Fold Physiology Conference, Kurume, Japan, 1980.

Second Vocal Fold Physiology Conference, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1982.

Special Session on the Singing Voice, meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, 1983.

Third Vocal Fold Physiology Conference, University of Iowa, 1984.

Fourth Vocal Fold Physiology Conference, New Haven, 1985.

Conference on Voice Acoustics and Dysphonia, Katthammarsvik, Sweden, 1985.

Fifth Conference on Vocal Fold Physiology, Tokyo, Japan, 1987.

Workshop on Aerodynamics of Laryngeal and Alaryngeal Voice, Groningen, Netherlands, 1987.

Invited Lecture, Nimegen University, Netherlands, 1987.


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